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Veronika Shoot - pianist, educator

The Balanced Artist

Veronika Shoot
Concert pianist, educator, yoga teacher, creative thinker

Discover your balance within creativity, and your creativity within balance. Supporting artists in the quest for emotional, physical and mental balance and self realisation through music, creativity, breathwork and yoga.


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New release!
Summer Solstice Nocturne
for piano by Vladislav Shoot
Premiere live on youtube, 18:00*, 9th August 2022

*(UK time)

Veronika shoot concert pianist


Piano mentoring, masterclasses, creative workshops, lessons, events

Setup sessions for musicians' practice and learning

Setup sessions

Create the most productive practice environment for consistency and progress. Exploring your positioning and posture. Music/instrument + equipment set up.

Musicians' yoga with Veronika Shoot

Musicians' Yoga

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Veronika Shoot in concert

Contact Me

Barton Workshop
Dartington Hall Estate
United Kingdom

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