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I was first introduced to Yoga by my father as a young child, and I used to practice with him . Upon meeting Lord Yehudi Menuhin a year later, discovering his ethos and being invited to study at his school, I began to explore the practice further. The links between yoga and meditation and music revealed themselves to me throughout my life, as I discovered Yoga to be a discipline and a freedom, helping to transform negativity into growth and well-being.


As a student I began to support assist my friends and piano students in their expression and creative journeys with the benefits of yoga when I started noticing what a great impact it had on concentration and ability to enjoy and focus on the creative task at hand. This led me to discover more of the links between our wellness and creativity.


I was trained and certified by Yoga Alliance with ‘Himalayan Yoga Valley’ specializing in the traditional Himalayan , Hatha and Ashtanga styles of yoga. My sharings are interwoven with my inspirations in the practice of pranayama, yoga philosophy, and Tantra yoga in Rishikesh, India.


I enjoy to create classes and sequencing based on particular and individual needs, encorporating breathwork, meditation, sound therapy and visualization practices.


I first started sharing Yoga for Musicians at the Exhale to help musicians feel healthy and well, and develop a new relationship to their bodies, instruments and mind. It helped with mental sanity during lockdown and I realised it is much needed in our daily lives. This has developed to coaching sessions for non musicians and all artists alike to support their lifestyles.

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