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Piano mentoring

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I am here to support you to achieve your musical potential and dreams in a way that is wholesome and consistent. I support people of all levels and ages, who love music.

I help you recognise your creativity, expression and highest potential, through a range of modalities and techniques that are in innately intertwined and unique to you.


These sessions are for you if:

  • you are passionate to learn + courageous to discover your own way.

  • you would like deeper knowledge of the instrument as a whole , gaining more freedom and confidence to express yourself.

  • you would like to learn to improvise and make your own music.

  • you are a music student or devotee, working for your Grades or Music Diploma.

  • you are a professional musician desiring a fresh approach, looking for a new balance or a regime in which you can prepare for your concerts.

  • you are a beginner and not sure which way to push yourself.


I have years of experience and personal discovery to help you in your musical journey in a way that you will enjoy your work process, and use your time in the most efficient way possible, unlocking your creative voice and passion in your music making.

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