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Welcome to The Balanced Artist page and my first ever blog post!

I imagine you are here because in some way we may know each other, or perhaps you are an artist and curious what this is about. Or perhaps both. In any case, you are very welcome.

My life is filled with artists of all walks of life; in fact I am not sure I know anyone who is not an artist! Well, that’s not quite true, I do know a few people who adamantly proclaim they are scientists or tech-gurus for example, not artists - but what isn’t an act of creation in life?

Let me first share with you a few words about the creation of this new platform. The Balanced Artist has been in the making for some time, in more ways than one but it didn't have a name. Interestingly, giving this enterprise a name makes sharing and explaining seemingly random meanderings on this earth much easier. As Mandelbrot explained about his coining of the word "fractal" - its appearance had existed for thousands of years, but only when it was given a name did it really become possible to make sense of sharing it in some way.

When I first shared this endeavour with a friend of mine, they laughed and said "the balanced artist ? That's ridiculous, it's like saying the sensible gambler'... it's nonsensical...

After a tiny bit of doubt, humour, and consideration, we realised the meaning behind those words can bring up different associations in people, and that is the most important aspect of the search for balance; determining what it means, and being able to tread lightly and at times with humour.

It was then that I realised it is precisely the right name.

After all, isn't it a worldwide belief that artists are often doomed to depressive thoughts, angst, and frustration, and that great art is born from troubled souls?

There is the idea that we must live in one or the other; that balance and art do not go together hand in hand.

Yet, any work of Art requires a type of balance to fulfil itself.

But what about the Artist?

On this platform, I will be sharing what I have learnt and acquired over the years in my experience as an artist in quest of balance and self-realisation in the hope that it may help guide others to their own balance and creative potential. As a concert pianist who graduated from some of the world's leading music institutions, and performed extensively from a young age, I will be sharing my insights, and musings in all creative areas, including yogic practices from my studies and discoveries; tools that we can incorporate into the busiest of days.

The discovery of how much impact our mind-body relationship has on our every day life and creativity has at times been transformative, and I would love to make this even more accessible to creatives.

Well, that's it for now..

Thank you for reading this post. I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to comment below with your interests and thoughts, and subscribe for further updates, videos, and posts.

Yours in balance,


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